15-Day Itinerary in Egypt to Most Ancient Places

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15-Day Tours From Cairo Airport  to Historical Egypt 

Our Egypt Travel Packages is full of great tours to try also there is a great itineraries you could choose from, and if you are planning any tour here in Egypt you should start by scrolling Egypt Day Tour you will find your match we also have a great safari in Egypt Desert Safari Tours where you can enjoy the sun and a quad bike ride.

so here we make sure that we get you the perfect, ancient, and fantastic places to see in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Fayum, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Alexandria so don't miss it, there is a lot of fun you can enjoy here.

  • Airport meet-and-greet service in Cairo.
  • 6 nights of accommodation at Cairo Pyramids Hotel in Cairo.
  • 5 days of accommodation on a 5-star Nile cruise.
  • 3 days of accommodation at sharm hotel
  •  Domestic Tickets from (Cairo – Luxor- sharm).
  • Tickets for domestic flights from Luxor to Cairo.
  • a personal tour guide for the duration of your trip.
  • Every transport will take place in a personal AC car.
  • All of the locations on the itinerary have admission fees.
  • meals that are specified in the trip schedule.
  • all fees and taxes.
  • airfare for international travel.
  • entrance visa for Egypt.
  • Tipping.
  • Nothing else has been mentioned so far.

Our tour guide will take you from Cairo Airport in comfortable air-conditional vehicles and transfer you to the hotel after helping you with any paper documents at the airport.

At the hotel you can arrange your luggage in your room and have some rest and a fresh meal to eat then you will enjoy some belly dancing with a famous folkloric band and you can feel the beautiful beat of the music.

After finishing breakfast in your hotel you will get ready.

You will enjoy every moment you will spend in the great pyramids of Giza and feel the beauty and grandeur of the ancient Egyptian civilization and when you deal with the people in the place in a nice manner because the Egyptians have a different culture and are so kind. and there will not be anything that might bother you. 

then you have a delicious meal in the view of the pyramids

And then we will continue to see the ancient Egyptian Museum where you will all pharaoh's families' era in the whole of ancient Egyptian.

Then you go back to the hotel and complete the day by your choices.

The tour guide will accompany you to see the most peaceful ancient Cairo attractions. Starting with Mohamed Ali Mosque his father“Ibrahim Agha” died while he was still young, then his mother died soon after, and he became an orphan of his parents, so his uncle “Tosun Agha” sponsored him. Ismail »who included him in the soldier's corps, and the signs of manhood appeared on him from courage, daring, and good eyesight.

Then will take a break after this informative tour and have lunch in an Egyptian restaurant.

And the journey will be continued to visit Salah El Din Citade the rule Egypt until the era of Khedive Ismail, who moved the seat of government to Abdeen Palace in Khedive Cairo.

You will see the market of Khan El Khalil where you will find a unique assortment of handicrafts in the Khan Al-Khalili market in Cairo, and you will definitely be attracted to see how the craftsmen excelled in their work, and you may love the acquisition of some of them, such as copper and pottery.

Then it is backing time to your room in the hotel

By Finishing your breakfast you will prepare your bags to catch a flight to Luxor from Cairo airport and after a while, you will start a new adventure in a new city 

which will start with The Temple of Karnak The Egyptians celebrate the phenomenon of the sun perpendicular to the Karnak Temple in Luxor on December 21 of each year there which be an awesome event. 

As usual, you have your lunch on a fantastic Nile cruise board.

Then you will visit The Temple of Luxor The heart of the temple is preceded by a colonnaded hall, in front of which is a courtyard surrounded by columns.

Return to your Luxor Nile cruise. at the night to see the great view of the Nile.

then your Egypt luxury tour in Luxor will finish with a great tour to the west bank which contain Valley of the Kings The tomb of King Tutankhamun No. 62 was discovered in 1922 AD by archaeologist Howard Carter and a group of Egyptologists.

this is the lunchtime to have some rest.

The next destination is The Hatshepsut Temple, The temple suffered some corruption during the end of the reign of Thutmose III, who succeeded Hatshepsut in power, as her name were scraped from the temple and some of her statues were smashed.

 Then we will move to Colossi of Memnon The building is considered the most famous example of theaters in this shape, which are distinguished by being completely round or oval. The building was used for about 500 years, and the last games that were used in it were recorded in the late century, after the well-known date in which it is believed that Rome fell in the year 476.

And after this long tour, you will go back to the cruise to have a rest.

After breakfast you will start the day with the Edfu temple visiting The temple was built in the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 237 and 57 BC. The inscriptions on its walls provide important information about the language, mythology, and religion during the Hellenistic era in Egypt. In particular, the excavated temple construction texts "give details of both its construction, and also preserve information about the mythological interpretation of this and all other temples as the Island of Creation".

Then Komombo Temple, The process of building the temple continued for many years after that, from 180 to 169 BC, when each king added to this temple, and a large part of the Kom Ombo Temple, including the Hall of Columns, was built during the reign of Emperor Tiberius.

the ship will sail to reach Aswan, after having lunch.  

After having breakfast on the cruise and then getting ready for a stunning start of the day 

you will start the day with the historical High Dam  The Egyptians realized the importance of the Nile since ancient times, so annual storage projects such as the Aswan Dam and Jabal Al-Awliya Dam were established on the Nile to control the changing river’s revenues.

After that, The incomplete obelisk, And after the ancient Egyptian workers dug the obelisk from three sides, in preparation for removing it from the floors and completing its preparation, they discovered a crack in it that made it unfit. The workers stopped completing it.

The tour concluded with lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea.

Today you will take s tour in the Abu Simble temple and you need to get your bags prepared too.

First, Abu Simble Temple, The most famous temples are the rock-cut temples near the modern village of Abu Simbel, at the second waterfall of the Nile, on the border between Lower Nubia and Upper Nubia. There are two temples, the Great Temple, dedicated to Ramesses II himself, and the Small Temple, dedicated to his main wife, Queen Nefertari.

After all the time you will spend, we will transfer you to the airport to get a flight to Cairo, And after reaching Cairo Airport we will take you to the hotel for breakfast only.

Starting with some Egyptian breakfast you will get ready for the exciting day in Egypt, and the tour guide will accompany you during the tour.

In Cairo, get in a private van at your hotel. Drive leisurely 105 kilometers southwest of Cairo to Fayoum. An Egyptian city, the capital of Fayoum Governorate. It is divided into two residential neighborhoods separated by the Bahr Youssef Canal, which is in the middle of Fayoum. and when you reach you will start by visiting Lake of Qarun or the pond of Qarun is a lake in the city of Fayoum, Upper Egypt, located northwest of the city of Beni Suef, west of the Nile River, about 50 km away from it. Lake Qarun is located in Fayoum Governorate and is one of the largest natural lakes in Egypt. and you will know some of its histories.

You have a rest to get your lunch and continue the journey 

Then the tour guide will take you to Wadi El Rayan Reserve is located in the southwestern part of Fayoum Governorate, the Mudawara mountain area, which is located near the Lower lake. Wadi El Rayan is characterized by its integrated desert environment, including sand dunes, natural springs, different plant life, various animals, as well as marine excavations. The waterfalls area is also considered one of the various marine sports areas. and there are several types of hawks.

As your driver returns you to your hotel in Cairo, complete your trip.

You will start your day by having breakfast in the hotel then our private car will pick you up at Cairo airport to have a flight to Sharm El Sheikh the city of charming after checking in at the hotel in Sharm, you will have rest and you can enjoy the sea view and the color of it too and the warm of sun and nighttime view too. Lunch and dinner buffet items will be served in the hotel's main restaurant.

After having breakfast the tour guide will come and pick you up to start the day in Sharm El Sheikh 

El Salam Park has many service centers that provide interactive activities for park visitors, such as:
Documentary Show Hall Center for Biological Diversity
Rare plant reserve Sinai panorama
Sinai working families exhibition

Then you will be dropped off to have your lunch and continue your day in the hotel.

After having breakfast the tour guide will come and pick you up to start the day in Sharm El Sheikh.

Today will be a day for your plans only so after having breakfast you will be able to tell the tour guide about your favorite place to go and he will drop you of.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at your Sharm El Sheikh hotel before traveling to the airport to catch a flight to Cairo. Cairo overnight stay.

After breakfast, a tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo and take you in a modern, air-conditioned car to Alexandria about 2 hours far and when you reach there you can see the most beautiful places in Alexandria and also see its attractions such as Alexandria Corniche, bibliotheca of Alexandrina and The Citadel of Qaitbey. where history will be surrounded.

A nearby restaurant will offer lunch.

Return to Cairo hotel by night time.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive you back to Cairo airport and here our tour will be over the only thing that will last are your memories here which we are certain will be matchless.

Our tour package is finished.

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